Cruise of the U.S. Flag-Ship Hartford – From the Personal Journal of Wm. C. Holton

U. S. Flag-Ship Hartford,

Philadelphia, Jan. 19, 1862.

This morning, at 10 o’clock, the U. S. screw sloop Hartford was put in commission as the flag-ship of the Western Gulf Blockading Squadron. The following is a list of officers ordered to join her:

Flag Officer—David G. Farragut.

Fleet Captain—Henry H. Bell.

Commander—Richard Wainwright.

Lieutenant and Executive Officer—Jas. S. Thornton.

Lieutenant and Ordnance Officer—Albert Kautz.

Surgeon—W. Maxwell Wood.

Assistant Surgeon—Joseph Hugg.

Paymaster—George Plunkett.

Master—John C. Watson.

Acting Masters—D. S. Murphy, C. Desames, Jos. G. Lewis .

Marine Officers-1st Lieut., John L. Broome; 2d Lieut., Geo. Heisler.

Flag Officer’s Secretary—Thomas Walden.

Flag Officer’s Clerk—B. S. Osbon.

Acting Midshipmen—H. B. Tyson, E. C. Hazeltine, Jno.

H. Reed, H. J. Blake.

Engineers—Chief, J. B. Kimball; 2d Assistant, Jno. Purdy,

E. B. Latch, F. A. Wilson; 3d Assistant, C. M. Burchard,

Isaac Degraff, A. K. Fulton, C. J. COOPER.

Boatswain—James Walker.

Gunner—Jas. Duncan.

Acting Carpenter—J. H. Conley .

Acting Sailmaker—Jno. A. Holbrook.

Clerks—Captain’s, A. D. Bache; Fleet Captain’s, T. B. Waddell; Paymaster’s, F. C. Plunkett.

Master’s Mates—E. J. Allen, Thos. Mason, Lewis S. Locke.

The first business of the crew was to put the ship in sailing order, which, with taking on board provisions and the like, occupied several days. We dropped down to Newcastle, Del. and remained a couple of days, and then went back to Fort Mifflin and took in powder, which is said to be the last article taken on board before sailing, and the first article discharged on returning from a cruise. We then dropped down to Newcastle again, and after receiving on board the Flag Officer and the Fleet Captain, Henry H. Bell, with a salute, proceeded to sea.

Cruise of the U.S. Flag-Ship Hartford–Wm. C. Holton

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