Daily Chronicles of the American Civil War publishes civil war era material for the current date from a specific year of the war. Currently material is being published from 1863.

While I’ve long been interested in the American Civil War, I’ve only been a serious student for a few years. Though I’ve read a number of Civil War books, I’m learning more by publishing material that was originally published at time of the civil war through a few decades later.

There is a method to the madness for the time that the material is published. All of the material from newspapers and other media is pre-posted to be published at almost exactly 1:00 in the morning while the diaries are pre-posted to be published at almost exactly 2:00 in the morning. The software allows me to schedule the posting by hours and minutes, but not by seconds, so when there are multiple posts at a particular time, they are actually posted in a somewhat random order, with the diaries, in their random order, at the top of the page each day followed by the other articles, in their random order.

I will also be publishing other material to web pages outside of this blog. I will probably post announcements of such publications here, with a time before 1 AM so that they appear after the day’s content.