Cruise of the U.S. Flag-Ship Hartford – From the Personal Journal of Wm. C. Holton.

November 9th. Arrived off the city of New Orleans at noon, and came to anchor. Here we were saluted again by a French and an English man-of-war which were laying at anchor here. We are once more occupying our old position as the Flag Ship. As a matter of course all business for the fleet is transacted on board of this ship. As soon as we dropped our anchor the business began. All commanding officers attached to vessels lying here come on board to report to the Admiral. The city looks about as it did when we left, with one exception; there seems to be a little more business going on about the levees; there are also more vessels in port than when we left here.

Cruise of the U.S. Flag-Ship Hartford–Wm. C. Holton

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