Second Manassas.–Letters from Elisha Franklin Paxton.

Fairfax C. H., September 1, 1862.

My Darling Wife: I have only time to say that we were fighting on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and that I am well. The last was a very severe battle and in large force. The enemy was badly routed. His force consisted of the armies of McClellan and Pope united. Ever yours.

[General Paxton had just taken an active part in the battle which has since been known as the battle of Second Manassas when this characteristic note was written. The report of General Jackson upon these battles makes mention of him as follows: “In the prompt transmission of orders (Cedar Mountain) great assistance was received from Maj. E. F. Paxton, Acting Asst. Adj.-Gen’l. . . . Desiring to avoid delay, I directed my Acting Asst. Adj.Genl. to order Jackson’s Division forward.” “In the transmission of orders (2nd Manassas) I was greatly assisted during the expedition by the following members of my staff: Col. A. Smart, Asst. Insp. Genl.; Maj. E. F. Paxton, Acting Asst. Adj.-Genl.”]

Elisha Franklin Paxton – Letters from camp and field while an officer in the Confederate Army

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