The Gideon Welles diary did not have any diary entries for the month of November in 1863. The next entry is dated simply “December,” and I will publish that one sometime in the first week in December. The following entry is dated December 12, 1863.

The old blog template didn’t fully support the newest WordPress revision, so I am trying to implement a new template.  I may be changing things around a bit over the next few days.

Two of the diaries I’ve been publishing are on a tempoarary hiatus because their authors had no diary entries for this period in 1863.

Horatio Nelson Taft, the “Yankee in the Patent Office,” does not have an diary entry until October 5.

The next diary entry of Gideon Welles, the Union Secretary of the Navy, is September 11.

We are currently on the road in Montana headed south towards Yellowstone National Park.

Hopefully, Ill be able to get back to working on the regular posts in the next couple of days. I’m finding plenty of things to work on, even though I’m retired.

After we went to see our great-niece Toni, at the rehab hospital in Fayetteville, I decided to try putting something together on-line that would be helpful to her. Toni was injured badly in an auto accident on June 3rd that left her paralyzed from the waist down. She’s 18 years old and an amazing kid. She is an employee of the Boys and Girls Club of Benton County and, the day after the accident, called in sick from the intensive care unit. I’ve been toying with putting together a web site for my photography and decided to do it now, with all proceeds of the site going to help Toni until at least after she has graduated from high school. The web site is Michael Goad Photography and it is at Karen has donated one of the quilts to be raffled by the Boys and Girls club. So far, the only photo on the new web site is of the quilt. I’ve also posted more information on Toni at

I’ve also put together a new civil war blog, Anecdotes & Images, where anybody can post public domain civil war material from the time of the civil war through the end of 1899. I will be posting an item a day from Anecdotes, Poetry and Incidents of the War: North and South (1860-1865) which was collected and arranged by Frank Moore and published 1867. I’ll also be publishing some public domain images as well.

First of all, for the regular visitors and those who may wander in here by chance, I hope that all of you have a great 4th of July.

A few days back, I got a message telling me that some of the links weren’t working properly.  It all had to do with permalinks, something that I don’t know much about, but which are supposed to make most of the the web addresses for the blog look more normal instead of something like Well, there seemed to be a problem with that and I defeated the permalinks.  The problem went away, so I guess the permalinks won’t be coming back.

Unfortunately, I’m going to be behind for a while on posting of material.  Since we got home from Wisconsin on Wednesday, there’s been a lot to do and a lot of distractions and there is a lot more to do before we take off again for the Rockies at the beginning of August.  The diaries are all pre-posted through the end of the month, though 2 of them essentially end with the fall of Vicksburg.

All late posts will be dated for the apppropriate date and I’ll try to make an administrivia post to announce when I’ve posted them and where you can find them.
We’re traveling today to visit a niece in rehab who was very badly injured in a car accident a month ago.

For those visitors who may have tried to leave a comment in the past, I had a setting on the blog that was improperly configured. I’ve reset the setting and comments are now open — except for comment spammers!

For those that read Daily Chronicles of the American Civil War via feeds, I’ve switched from partial to full feeds. What this means is that instead of excerpts for the smaller pieces, you’ll get the whole thing. I use the “<--more-->" feature for longer posts, which in the blog takes you to a page with the full article. For feeds, the article will be cut at that point, which should give at least 250 to 300 words of the article the way that I use it.

This blog continued where my old Chronicles of the American Civil War left off. I had some issues with the web hosting service, mainly that that it seemed to bog down when working with the blog. I’ve been moving some of those old posts over to this one as time permits. I’ve now stopped that effort and will eventually move all of that material along with what I’ve been posting here to normal web pages. I’ll continue posting here the daily material.

As of yesterday, I’ve been officially retired for two months. I’ve been able to spend more time with this, but I’ve also got a lot of other things that I’m interested in and sometimes I don’t get things posted as I planned.

There is a method to the madness for the time that the material for the blog is published. All of the material from newspapers and other media is pre-posted to be published at almost exactly 1:00 in the morning while the diaries are pre-posted to be published at almost exactly 2:00 in the morning. The software allows me to schedule the posting by hours and minutes, but not by seconds, so when there are multiple posts at a particular time, they are actually posted in a somewhat random order, with the diaries, in their random order, at the top of the page each day followed by the other articles, in their random order.

I will also be publishing other material to web pages outside of this blog as well as blog news, such as the addition of a new diary or other administrivia. I will probably post announcements of such publications here, with a time before 1 AM so that they appear after the day’s content.