The Poor of Athens.

Southern Banner (Athens, Ga), November 5, 1862

The poor of our community will suffer much this winter, unless steps are taken to prevent it. Judging from the difficulty of procuring fuel at this time, it will be very scarce and high, when the cold weather comes. Arrangements should be made at once to supply this article. We notice that the citizens of Augusta, Atlanta, and other places are buying wood for this purpose, and that the railroads are transporting it free. We doubt not that the Ga. R. R. will do the same for Athens. Let a fund be raised for this purpose, and the effort made. One gentleman has authorized us to subscribe $25 for him, if twenty others will do the same. We have not a doubt but that there are nineteen other citizens of the place able and willing to follow his example. There is no time to lose. We hope some person will take the matter in hand and carry it through.

Civil War

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