The Madison Guards.

American Citizen (Canton, MS), December 5, 1862

We have received the following letter from Capt. Dudley, of the above company, which we lay before our readers. l It speaks a language in behalf of his company more eloquent than we could use:

Culpeper C. H., Va., Nov. 14th, 1862.
Mr. John F. Bosworth:

Dear Sir: You will do the “Madison Guards” a great kindness by stating in your paper that in about one month from this time, some one will be sent to Mississippi for the purpose of procuring articles of clothing for the company, which may be donated by benevolent parties, or sent in by the parents of the members, to any one who would volunteer to take charge of them until the agent applies. Shoes, socks and pants, are the articles mostly needed. Not less than ten are barefooted and some have only soles straped (sic) to their feet. It is painful to see them thus when snow is upon the ground, with stony turnpikes over which to march, and still more painful to contemplate the coming winter. The Government can do nothing. Private contributions alone can aid them. Forty-one of the bravest and best of those who bade farewell to Canton, on the 12th of July, 1861, now have their names entered on the rolls as “killed,” “wounded,” or “dead.” They have been in three bloody conflicts—a heavy mortality attending each one—and have never flinched. This is their record to the present time. Recruits have joined us, and there are eighty-eight of us still left—food for death, hunger and privations. They determined when they left you, in those hours of their vexations and troubles, when so much cordial sympathy was given them, never to disappoint you in any expectations. The success of their efforts are yet to be seen.

Will not the beautiful girls and tender hearted ladies of Madison, whom we have never forgotten, remember us now in these hours of our greatest suffering? The clothing agent will discover when he comes to lift the heap.

Most respectfully, your friend,
Wm. Hal. Dudley, Captain

Civil War

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