The Canton Hospital.

American Citizen (Canton, MS), November 7, 1862

The disasters of the late battle at Corinth have added largely to the number of sick and wounded in our hospital, and as Mississippi is likely to be the theatre of active military operations, it is probable that this institution will abide with us for some time to come.

It appears that Dr. T. J. Mitchell has supervision of the Hospital vice Dr. W. B. Field, and it is hoped that the interest of the soldier will not suffer by the change. It will not be out of place to make a brief statement of the facts, as we understand them, connected with this change; indeed, it is nothing but an act of simple justice to Dr. Field to lay the facts before the public.

It seems that, about the middle of September, Dr. Cage—former Post Surgeon—tendered his resignation to Dr. Pollen, Medical Director at Holly Springs; waiting some time, and receiving no answer, he offered his resignation to Dr. Hereford, Medical Director at Jackson, who promptly accepted it and appointed Dr. Field in his place. Dr. Field entered upon the duties of the Post, and continued to perform its duties acceptably to Medical Headquarters, until about the 20th of October, when Dr. Mitchell presented himself, claiming the office of Surgeon of the Post under appointment from Dr. Pollen—(Dr. Pollen being ignorant, probably, that an appointment had been made.)

Dr. Field, considering this claim superior to that of Dr. Mitchell, on account of priority of appointment, declined to yield the office; whereupon, Dr. Mitchell proceeded to Jackson, applied for and received the appointment from Dr. Crowell, lately appointed chief Medical Director of this department, by General Pemberton. To this appointment Dr. Field, of course, yielded.

We have given the history of this affair as we understand it. We make no comment, but will add, that such is Dr. Field’s elevated tone of character and gentlemanly bearing, that he will carry with him, wherever ordered, the best wishes of all who know him.

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