Oiled Silk and Enameled Cloth.

August 29, 1862, Savannah Republican(Georgia)

Among the many things we did not expect to see manufactured in Macon was a handsome and durable article of black enamelled cloth. We are quite aware that attempts to make this article are very numerous, and result in a coarsely daubed cotton canvass, which softens in the sun and rubs off with every abrasion; but the highly polished, soft and durable enamelled cloth, as good as was ever imported, is made in this place by Mr. S. J. Gustin, in large quantities. He is fabricating it into various articles for the army, and it is needless to say the demand is greater than the supply. So of oiled silk! he produces as beautiful an article as was ever seen, and though behind orders, has furnished the medical department of the army with ten thousand yards, and they certify it is equal or superior to the foreign article. Oiled silk is used for protecting wounds from the atmosphere, and represented to be almost indispensable in the army hospitals.—Telegraph.

Civil War

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