Letter from Sabine Pass

Austin State Gazette, November 5, 1862

We learn that the Dan was towing a Federal schooner up from the Pass to the town on Thursday evening, she was assailed by a volley from about 40 Confederate troops ambushed in Wingate’s mill. They fired about two volleys, with what damage is not known.

On this, the Federals opened fire with their cannon on the mill and town. They then landed, and set fire to the mill and town, destroying the mill and lumber, also the residence of Judge Wingate, that of Judge Stamps and some others. They set other houses on fire, but the fire was extinguished by the citizens.

No person in town nor any of our soldiers were either killed or wounded, although the Federals shelled the town from one end to the other, and that too without warning, or giving women and children time to get out of the way. There were several narrow escapes, among them a man and his wife sitting in their house, when a shell struck beneath them tearing the sleepers out and dropping the two to the ground beneath.

The Federals threatened that if they were fired on again, they would destroy the town.Telegraph.

Civil War

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