“…ordered to make a forced march to Centreville.” –Diary of Josiah Marshall Favill.


Early on the 30th we marched up close to the fort, stacked arms, and put up our tents, it being understood we were to form an additional garrison for the fort. At two o’clock, however, we were ordered to make a forced march to Centreville, leaving our tents behind us, and so started instantly, and had not gone many miles when the familiar sound of cannonading greeted our ears, increasing as we proceeded. We stepped out willingly and rapidly throughout the day, reaching Fairfax court house at midnight; here we halted for a rest of two hours, and then proceeded over a road blockaded with private carriages, ambulances, teams, and troops to Centreville, where we formed in brigade masses on the heights and rested on our arms for further orders.

Diary of a Young Officer–Josiah Marshall Favill (57th New York Infantry)

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