From the Marais des Cygnes.—The late Skirmish.

November 4, 1862, Daily Times (Leavenworth, Kansas)

From Lieutenant Jo. Lines, we get the particulars of the recent fight in Bates co., Missouri, between a portion of the contraband regiment and a detachment of rebels under Cockerill and Toothman. The fight occurred at Mareis des Cygnes Island, about two miles from Butler. On Sunday, a detachment of the negro regiment was ordered by Major Henry from Fort Lincoln to the Island above named, it being supposed there were a lot of rebels there. The detachment left the Fort on Sunday, and arrived on the Toothman farm, near Butler, on Monday afternoon. They threw up a temporary barricade of rails and available timber, and skirmished all day Tuesday with the enemy, who on Wednesday made a general attack, numbering 300, all mounted. The guerillas were driven back; but during the fight Capt. Crew was killed, and Lieutenant Jordan, of Lawrence, was severely wounded in the head and thigh. Capt. Crew was killed after being taken prisoner, for fear of a rescue. Seven of the blacks were killed and eight wounded, while over twenty of the guerillas were left dead on the field, and a large number were wounded. The officers give the contrabands credit for fighting well, as they must have done to repulse even an equal number of Missourians, well mounted and armed.

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