Clothing Depot.

October 25, 1862 , Texas Republican (Marshall)

Jefferson, Texas, Oct. 21, 1862.

Having been appointed Chief purchasing agent of all Texas North of the town of Crockett, for the purchase of Army Cloth, or Clothing, Shoes, Hats, Leather, Hides, and Wool. I hereby issue notice to all parties having such articles for sale to bring them in without delay, for the use of the army. The winter is rapidly approaching, and they will be required at the very earliest period. I will make contracts for any amount of the above named articles the party always giving bond and good security for the contract made. Any one holding authority from me or Maj. John B. Burton, and making contracts for any of the above named articles, will be carried out by me.

A. U. Wright,

Capt. & A. Q. M., C. S. A.

Oct. 28, 1862.

The Jefferson News, Tyler Reporter and Dallas Herald will publish three times each, and send bill to A. U. Wright, Jefferson, Texas.

Civil War

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