“Still the war drags on.”–Adams Family Letters, Charles Francis Adams, U.S. Minister to the U.K., to his son, Charles.

London, October 24, 1862

Your account of the campaign in Maryland was exceedingly interesting to us all. It contrasted admirably with those of the newspaper writers in telling only what you saw; whereas they, with far less of opportunity, undertake to say they see many things which did not happen. I have lost all confidence in any accounts which do not come with responsible names attached to them. I am not sure since General Pope’s time that I always credit official statements. His mistakes have however had one good effect in reducing the tone and style of our other generals. They now do not overstate their success, nor boast of gains they have not made. Still the war drags on. I scarcely know what to think of the prospect….

Adams Family Civil War letters; US Minister to the UK and his sons.

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