A Nuisance Abated.

October 29, 1862, Daily Times (Leavenworth, Kansas)

Capt. Stout, our efficient and energetic Provost Marshal, on Monday, made a detail from his company, with orders to proceed to the Pikes Peak Saloon, about half way between the city and Fort and destroy the building. The detail effectually accomplished the work assigned, and the spot which once knew this notorious dance house and brothel, will know it no more forever. It has long been a nuisance defying the utmost efforts of the civil authorities to abate it; but military law has accomplished it summarily.

A few days ago a member of Capt. Stout’s company was very severely beaten in the saloon by a “rough” named English. The soldier was taken into the back room, and it is said went out o the back door, but nothing has been heard from him since, and the supposition naturally is that he has been foully dealt with.

On Saturday Capt. Stout notified the occupant of the house that it must be closed up permanently. The order was temporarily complied with, but the place was opened on Sunday again. The result is given above. In the bushes east of the house was found, partially buried, the body of a man in an advanced state of decomposition; indeed so much so that recognition was impossible.—Capt. Stout has taken the reins into his own hands, and proposes to clean out the “Augean stable.” It will be the work of a Hercules; but we think a few examples such as that of yesterday, will accomplish it.

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