A Diary of American Events.

November 2. —Yesterday and to-day, a series of skirmishes took place near Philomont, Va., between a force under General Pleasanton, which was ,advancing from Purcellsville to Union, and the rebel forces under General Stuart, ending in the retreat of the rebels. — (Doc. 21.)

—Snicker’s Gap, Va., was occupied by the National forces under General McClellan. When General Hancock arrived there it was held by the rebel cavalry, who were driven out; a column of rebel infantry advanced to retake it, but were dispersed by the fire of the National artillery. General Pleasanton pursued the rebels several miles beyond Union, and at three o’clock in the afternoon succeeded in exploding one of their caissons and capturing ten of their wounded.— General McClellan’s Despatch.

—An expedition under Colonel Dewey to Pittman’s Ferry, Current River, Mo., in pursuit of a band of guerrillas infesting that locality, this day returned to camp at Patterson, Wayne County, Mo., having captured thirteen rebels and made a march of one hundred and sixty miles in eight days.—(Doc. 23.)

—An engagement occurred near Williamston, N. C, between four companies of the Twentieth regiment of North-Carolina rebels, under the command of Colonel Burgwyn, and a party of National troops.—Richmond Despatch, November 7.

—Colonel Lee, of Hamilton’s National cavalry, retured to Grand Junction, Miss., after a three days’ reconnoissance in the direction of Ripley and ten miles south. Ripley was captured and held twenty-four hours, as was also the town of Orizaba. Lieutenant-Colonel Hovis and the Surgeon of Faulkner’s rebel rangers were captured, together with a captain, two lieutenants, and sixty men. Faulkner himself effected his escape, with the loss of four men.—The British schooner Pathfinder was captured by the gunboat Penobscot, off Shallot Inlet, N. C—The ship Levi Starbuck, in latitude 35″, 30′, longitude 66°, was captured and burned by the rebel privateer Alabama.

The Rebellion Record—A Diary of American Events; by Frank Moore

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